Lurie Children's Superhero Day

It's time to grab your capes and masks and unleash your superpowers for a day of fun, compassion, and fundraising. Superhero Day is not just a costume party – it's a chance to be a real-life hero for children battling illnesses. We're calling on schools, students, and staff to come together, fundraise, and show our patients that they’re not fighting alone.

This year, National Superhero Day is Sunday, April 28th, so you can pick a day that works best for your school’s schedule. At Lurie Children's, we'll be celebrating on Monday, April 29. Join us in making a real difference in the lives of brave superheroes at Lurie Children's!

How It Works

Step 1: Mark Your Calendar

Choose a day that works best for your school or community group. At Lurie Children’s, we’re celebrating on Friday, April 26, 2024.

Step 2: Register Your School

Sign up your school to be a part of this incredible initiative. It's easy! Just visit our Community Fundraising website and register to start a fundraiser. Select “Superhero Day” as your fundraiser type. Registered schools will receive an online fundraising page and Superhero Day digital resources to spread the word to students, parents and your community!

Step 3: Fundraise with Flair!

Encourage students and staff to get creative with their fundraising ideas. Whether it's a superhero-themed bake sale or a donation drive, every contribution counts! Ask participants to make a small donation – and encourage them to ask friends and family to support them – so they can wear their favorite superhero costume to school that day.

Step 4: Show your Support in your Superhero Costume!

On Superhero Day, let your imagination run wild! Dress up and host a movie, put on talent show or organize a field day – there are so many creative ways to make your Superhero Day unique and special at your school. Check out more ideas to make your Superhero Day special.

Step 5:  Celebrate and Send your Donations to Lurie Children’s

Celebrate your fundraising efforts by sharing with your community and hosting a check presentation at your school. Don’t forget to send any offline donations to Lurie Children’s. Add your school’s name and “Superhero Day 2024” to the memo line on checks and money order donations and mail it to:

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Foundation

Attn: Superhero Day

Department 4586

Carol Stream, IL 60122-4586

Why Participate in Superhero Day?

Together, we can be the superheroes our patients need! Participating in Lurie Children’s Superhero Day has so many benefits for students, schools and patients. Your participation can:

Spread Joy: Bring smiles to the faces of young patients at Lurie Children's by showing them the power of community and compassion.

Make a Difference: Every dollar raised goes towards supporting medical care, research, and programs that improve the lives of children facing health challenges.

Build Community: Join forces with your schoolmates, staff, and community to create a powerful network of support and teach the importance of helping others.

Make a Lasting Impact: Every dollar raised goes towards providing essential care and resources for the young superheroes at Lurie Children's.

Contact Us

Your support directly impacts our patients and lets their parents focus on what matters most: their child’s health. For more information, please contact