Lurie Children's Families & Friends

Lurie Children’s has become a world-class academic medical center in part because of families who support the hospital out of gratitude for a loved one’s care. The support of grateful family members and friends helps ensure that Lurie Children’s is able to provide the best care and an exceptional experience for every child who comes through our doors.

Lurie Children’s Families & Friends provides family members or friends of patients the opportunity to stay connected with the Lurie Children’s community, amplify their important story and give back in a way that is the most meaningful to them.

Are you interested in joining Lurie Children's Families & Friends? Email us at


When you join Families & Friends, you may choose to share your experience to help inspire others. By sharing your story across Lurie Children’s communications channels and at our fundraising events, you can help put other families at ease, inspire philanthropy and make a difference for future patients and families at Lurie Children’s.


As a nonprofit hospital, we depend on donations to help fund everything from innovative treatments to comforting pet therapy visits for our patients. By making a gift, starting a fundraiser, or honoring a caregiver who went above and beyond for your family, your support helps us provide the best care for every child who walks through our doors.


One of the greatest benefits of joining Families & Friends is the unique opportunity to stay connected with the Lurie Children’s community. When you join the program, you’ll have the chance to interact with fellow patient families, receive exclusive event invitations and learn about unique volunteer opportunities.


Thank a Caregiver

Is there a caregiver at Lurie Children’s who went above and beyond for you or your family? Send a note and let them know how grateful you are.

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