John P. Wilson Society

The John P. Wilson Society honors those who have made a commitment to the future of pediatric medicine and research by remembering Lurie Children's through a bequest in a will or trust, a life income gift, or naming the hospital as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, retirement plan, or another arrangement. Over the last century, these estate plan gifts have helped Lurie Children's become the world-class pediatric hospital that it is today.

A Legacy of Caring

The Society was named for a pioneering attorney in Chicago when the city was young. Mr. Wilson was a supporter and volunteer leader at the hospital. Upon his death, he provided for the hospital through his estate with a challenge grant, which if not met would divert most of the bequest to his children. It was Mr. Wilson's children who provided the final funds to meet the challenge, thereby establishing a significant precedent of family and individual generosity through estate planning.

Over a century after John P. Wilson gave the first planned gift to support the hospital, estate gifts from generous individuals continue to be a key source of support for the care provided to children and families. Representing a legacy of hope and healing, estate plan gifts enable Lurie Children's to deliver outstanding care to every child who needs it and to create advances in pediatric medicine and science that benefit children in Chicago and beyond. The John P. Wilson Society recognizes those who plan to make a difference with a legacy gift.

Please contact us with questions or to share your intentions. There are many benefits to letting us know.

Your gift can make a meaningful impact on the future of Lurie Children's. If you have included or are considering including a gift to Lurie Children's Hospital through your estate plan, we'd love to hear from you. Donors share only as much information about their gift as they are comfortable sharing. Conversations about gift designations, honoring a loved one, and recognition options are encouraged, all to ensure the donor's wishes and legacy are understood and fulfilled. Recognition and communication preferences are respected. We welcome the opportunity to thank you for making Lurie Children's part of your legacy and to share information about the benefits of being a member including impact reports, invitations to special events, tours and other ways to connect with Lurie Children's.