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Lurie Children's Families & Friends is designed to give grateful family members or friends of Lurie Children’s patients a way to give back with purpose. Through joining, families become part of a supportive community, united in the mission to make a positive impact on other families and shape the future of pediatric medicine. Through financial contributions, shared stories, and participation in events, members of the Families & Friends program play a crucial role in advancing our vision of a healthier future for every child. The team at Lurie Children’s will serve as partners and advisors, helping you shape your continued journey with us.

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Community Fundraising

Fundraising for the hospital is an opportunity to channel your gratitude into tangible support for those who may be on a similar journey. Through fundraising, you actively participate in the advancement of critical medical research, providing essential resources for families in need, and the support of innovative programs that enhance the quality of care.

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Fundraising Events

Grateful families play a pivotal role in our mission, and attending fundraising events is a meaningful way to deepen your impact. Fundraising events offer a chance to connect with other families and your attendance helps amplify the message of resilience and compassion, inspiring others to join our cause. Your presence matters, and it adds a unique and invaluable dimension to our events.

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Choosing to volunteer is a transformative way to extend the warmth and support you received during your journey to others navigating similar paths. Your presence, whether it's helping with events or regularly volunteering at the hospital, becomes a source of strength for those in need.

Volunteer Opportunities

Art Club

Lurie Children’s Art Club is a group of children who volunteer to share their artistic talents with our community. Kids submit drawings that Lurie Children’s uses for stewardship, communications and fundraising. If you’re interested in joining, please contact


Your story is a powerful narrative that has the potential to inspire, comfort, and connect with others. In the act of sharing, you not only empower yourself by acknowledging the strength you've discovered along your path but also offer a guiding light to others navigating their own journeys. You can share your story in whatever channel and venue is most comfortable for you.

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As a nonprofit hospital, we depend on monetary donations to help fund everything from critical medical research to comforting pet therapy visits for our patients. Whether it's a one-time gift or a recurring donation, your generosity ensures that we can continue making a tangible difference in the lives of children and their families.

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Honor Your Caregiver

In moments of vulnerability, special caregivers become beacons of compassion, providing not just medical care but also unwavering support and comfort. As a grateful family, you have the opportunity to express your profound appreciation by making a gift in honor of these extraordinary individuals. A thoughtful contribution becomes a tribute to the exceptional care you've received, ensuring that their dedication continues to make a lasting impact. In recognition of gifts that are $500 or greater, honored caregivers will receive a custom lapel pin to wear proudly

Send a Note of Thanks

Consider sending a heartfelt note of thanks to a caregiver, sharing the personal impact their kindness has had on your family. Your heartfelt words let these dedicated individuals know that their efforts have made a meaningful difference. Join us in celebrating the incredible caregivers who go above and beyond, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of grateful families.

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After you register to join Families & Friends, our program coordinator will reach out to find out more about how you’d like to be involved. As a Families & Friends member, you’ll receive regular email updates, invitations and exclusive content.


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