Ways to Help

For every child.

Lurie Children’s is a non-profit hospital in Chicago serving every child who needs us. We are driven by excellence, inspired by innovation and powered by philanthropy. 

Each year, thousands of families turn to Lurie Children’s for the highest quality care delivered in the most kid-friendly setting. Your support helps make Lurie Children’s a special place of hope and healing for every child who needs us.

More than Medicine

Helping families regardless of their social and economic circumstance has always been at the core of Lurie Children’s mission—but we can’t do it without you. A gift to Lurie Children’s helps fund services that insurance doesn’t cover and programs that families don’t receive a bill for. Pet therapy visits, in-hospital summer camp, travel vouchers and school services as well as research, advocacy and training—are all supported by philanthropic gifts.


  • 1 in 4 Chicago children lives in poverty
  • 56% Lurie Children's patients are under/uninsured
  • 164MM in uncompensated care

How Your Gift Will Help

Access for All

When children are facing a health crisis the last thing their family should worry about is the cost of care. Your gift helps families who are underinsured or uninsured so they can focus on their child, not on their finances. Your gift funds critical visits, like second opinion exams for children diagnosed with a brain or spinal cord tumor.

Exceptional Care

Caring for kids takes more than medicine. From diagnosis through treatment—It requires compassion and understanding that kids do best when they get to be kids. Your gift helps us recruit the best talent and build and maintain kid-friendly spaces like our space-themed MRI rooms.

Stronger Communities

When communities thrive, kids are less likely to end up in the hospital. A gift to Lurie Children’s funds preventive health programs, helps us address the inequitable distribution of resources across Chicago and allows us to confront issues facing local kids like gun violence, mental health issues and food access challenges. 

Advanced Research

For many families, Lurie Children’s is a place of hope. Your support helps us provide groundbreaking treatments, conduct critical clinical trials and give patients the opportunity to explore new and different treatments.

Start a Winter Fundraiser for Kids!

As you plan your winter activities, we encourage you to consider supporting Lurie Children’s! As a non-profit hospital, your donations help us provide the best care for every child who walks through our doors. Learn how you can turn your favorite winter activity into a meaningful way to fundraise!

Ways to Help

A world-class team is made up of hand raisers, go-getters and difference makers. It’s built by people who stand up for what they believe in. It’s fueled by those who won’t accept the status quo. From doctors to donors and supporters to scientists, it takes all of us to provide a healthier future for the kids we care about. You can join our team by fundraising, donating, advocating or volunteering.

Lurie Children’s Families & Friends

For family members and friends of Lurie Children's patients, our Families & Friends program offers a way to connect with other patient families, amplify your story and give back in a meaningful way.

Sizemore Family
Pasquale Family
Eggleston Family

Learn more about the program

Inspiring Stories

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Abbey was a three-sport athlete and sophomore in high school when she began to experience mysterious symptoms. 

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With Weekly Visits for Their ‘Brain Juice,’ Sisters Annabelle and Abigail Navigate a Therapy for Batten Disease

The Beedle sisters get an enzyme treatment every other week that aims to slow the progression of the disease. 

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As a baby, doctors diagnosed A'drah with tracheomalacia, a condition where the tracheal rings are not shaped properly, making them very collapsible from positive pressure forces.

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A Father’s Legacy: “When You Give, You Get Even More”

For 97 years, Donald Lewan lived by two rules: Always remember a person’s name, and always give back.

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