Building data analytic capacity at Lurie Children’s: Resources for you

By: Jenifer Cartland
April 10, 2018

Over the last two years, DAR has slowly built up our capacity to expand data literacy across the hospital. Why? We learned early on in our analytic roadmap implementation that self-service analytics did not work well in the way we had imagined it would. And as it turns out, our experience is born out in research studies that examine the use of analytics in organizations like ours. It is estimated that only 4% of healthcare workers have the skills to interact with data in a way that will result in productive new business or clinical insights.

We have been working to develop resources to help close these gaps; we will be adding to these resources for some time. If you are here at Lurie Children's, you are welcome to any of our data literacy resources.

The Why Axis – The Why Axis was our first attempt at developing content to train and socialize across the organization. It is the foundation for much of the content offered in our other training venues. In May, it will be going public so it will be easier to access and share.

DAR Sharepoint site – We have populated our Sharepoint site with free resources that we have found to be helpful for our work or that are designed to meet the needs of health care workers in terms of analytics. The catalog continues to grow.

Office Hours – We have been holding office hours for the Center for Excellence for almost a year now and are now expanding this hospital-wide (as of April 15). Here is our office hour schedule:

  • Tuesdays 9-10 am, Health Sciences Library (11-230)
  • Thursdays 3-4 pm, Health Sciences Library (11-230)
  • First and third Tuesdays, 2-3 pm, Olympia Building (1441)

No need to schedule ahead, just come with your questions. We get a very wide variety of questions during office hours – from how to make a data request to how to run certain statistical procedures or how to make a valid comparison. If you have a question about analytics, stop by and try to stump us!

Analytics Network – The Analytics Network is a faculty-staff initiative to nurture Lurie Children's use of advanced and innovative analytics tools. The Network brings in speakers so we can learn from organizations who are further down the road than we are, and facilitates conversations among leaders, clinicians and staff about how we can get where we want to go.

Analytics Practice – Our first course in analytics. The first session will be open to Nursing this summer. After that, we will allow folks sign up to take the course.

Analytics center of excellence – 'Center of excellence' is a term used across the industry to define a certain way of centralizing analysts for large organizations. At Lurie Children's, we encourage departments to develop a co-reporting relationship with us for their analysts under certain circumstances. This allows the 'home' department to have dedicated analytics resources and allows the analyst to have direct access to DAR mentorship, training, and collaboration. We currently have 10 analytic professionals who co-report to us.

User groups – These groups depend somewhat on the interest of attendees. Let us know what user groups you have an interest in, and we will get it launched if there is enough interest. We currently have a SAS user group and are considering an R user group. Look for more information on these.

Ad hoc trainings – We are always looking for great training opportunities in the analytics space to help us build our capacity at Lurie Children's. A few weeks ago, we hosted a full day training on data visualization for 35 staff members who work closely with our leadership. In April, we are bringing in a speaker who is visiting NU to have a discussion with staff involved with our Precision Medicine effort around bioinformatics.

Our data literacy efforts are shaped by the needs we see among our clinicians, leaders and staff, and our experiences in helping them solve problems. If there are ideas, topics, or resources that you would like to see us offer, let us know. We are happy to tackle new challenges.

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