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Pediatric X-rays

Medical Imaging provides diagnostic procedures using plain radiography (x-ray) and fluoroscopy. These tests allow our pediatric radiologists to diagnose or assess problems that occur within various areas of your child's body.

General procedures also include:


What to Expect

Our x-ray technologists specialize in pediatric radiography. We focus on safe imaging of children during all medical imaging tests. Body parts that are not being examined will be covered with a lead apron to shield your child from the x-rays. We use the latest technology to minimize your child’s radiation exposure. (Link to image gently) When you arrive, you and your child will be greeted by our radiographer (x-ray technologist) who will escort you to the exam room.

Distraction toys for your child are available at the hospital, however, if your child has a favorite small toy, feel free to bring it with. If you are a parent and are pregnant, please bring someone with to help assist your child during their exam. For younger patients, immobilization devices may be used to take optimal images. Immobilization will not harm your child; it just helps lessens the movement of the patient during the x-ray.

An exam can take anywhere between 10 minutes and one hour. Depending on the type of examination, your child may have to change into a gown to avoid any buttons, snaps or zippers interfering with the image.

Once the images are taken, you and your child may leave. After the images have been reviewed by the radiologist, the results will be reported directly to your referring physician. It is your referring physician who will discuss the findings and the plan of care with you.

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