Voice Therapy Program

The Voice Therapy team at Lurie Children’s is a multidisciplinary group that specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children with voice disorders.

Symptoms of voice disorders may include:

  • Hoarse or breathy voice
  • A voice that is too soft or too loud
  • Inappropriate pitch for the child's size or age
  • Loss of voice for any reason
  • Sudden change in your child’s voice


Lurie Children’s Department of Speech-Language Pathology offers two types of voice evaluations. An instrumental voice evaluation is recommended if a child is experiencing difficulties with vocal quality, pitch or loudness. A functional voice evaluation is recommended if a child is having breathing difficulties associated with chronic cough or paradoxical vocal fold dysfunction.

  • An Instrumental Voice Evaluation uses a combination of cutting-edge computer software Kaypentax Visipitch and PAS, parent questionnaires, perceptual ratings, and quantitative measures of vocal quality to assess the child’s voice.
    • An appointment for the Voice Program may be recommended after the completion of an instrumental voice evaluation. The Voice Program includes a multidisciplinary team evaluation through the Division of Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery. During this appointment the otolaryngologist completes laryngeal examinations using state-of-the art instrumentation for digital video endoscopy/stroboscopy. Learn more about the Voice Program.
  • Functional Voice Evaluation may be recommended following consultation with a physician. During functional voice evaluations, a speech-language pathologist assesses a child’s vocal hygiene and breathing patterns. The patient is also taught breathing techniques and coping strategies to reduce the impact of chronic cough or paradoxical vocal fold dysfunction. Children with breathing difficulties associated with chronic cough or paradoxical vocal fold dysfunction should first seek an evaluation by a physician such as a pulmonologist, allergist or otolaryngologist. 

Evaluations are offered at many of Lurie Children’s Outpatient Centers and last approximately two hours. The parent remains with the child throughout the appointment. Results and recommendations are provided during this appointment.


Voice therapy is available following medical examination, completion of a voice evaluation and insurance approval. Children enrolled in voice therapy are typically seen on a weekly basis for 50 minute sessions. In addition to direct work with the speech-language pathologist, families are given activities to do at home to support improved voice use.

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To schedule an appointment, first obtain an order or referral from your primary care physician and then call 1.800.543.7362 (1.800.KIDS DOC) to schedule a voice evaluation.

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To learn more about voice therapy services at Lurie Children’s, please call us at 312.227.6320 or e-mail us at speechdepartment@luriechildrens.org and ask to be connected with one of our voice therapy specialists. 

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