Build Knowledge, Skills & Responsibility

A good way get ready for your transition to adult care is to do your research and make sure you’ve complete the proper preparations. We’ve prepared a checklist to help teens and families think about the knowledge, skills and responsibility that are important to develop during the transition process. To learn more, download the Transition Checklist.

The Division of Specialized Care for Children (DSCC), the Illinois Title V agency that provides care coordination for families and children with special healthcare needs, has similar checklists and additional resources for transitioning teens.

Illinois Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics  - The Illinois Healthcare Transition Project offers trainings and resources for medical practices, youth, families and school staff. These include a new web-based training for pediatricians, currently in pilot testing across Illinois, and new resources for family physicians/internists.

Below are our expert-recommended resources. Be sure to ask your current pediatric healthcare team for resources, too.

Skill & Medical Management Resources

  • Watch videos and skill building exercises for teens and patients up to 25 years old from Healthy Transitions
  • Set up text message reminders to take medicine with My Med Schedule
  • Create and wear a medical ID bracelet, such as the ones at Lauren’s Hope

Portable Medical Summary

A portable medical summary includes information about your medical conditions, medications, allergies, major surgeries, doctors and more. Ask your doctor for any details you don't know. And if anything changes, be sure to update it in the summary.