Telemedicine Medical Imaging


Using a variety of telecommunication technologies, including real-time video conferencing equipment, hospitals from around the state and across the globe can collaborate closely with Lurie Children's specialists. This allows the Lurie Children’s specialists to assess the patient, review diagnostic images and data, and provide an expert diagnosis.

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Most adult hospitals where children are born do not have the pediatric sonographers who are trained to detect abnormalities in infants and children. Developed in the 1990s at Lurie Children’s former location, tele-echocardiography enables pediatric cardiologists to view and interpret echocardiograms performed on patients at other hospitals in real-time.
Before tele-echocardiography, babies may have been transported to another hospital for diagnosis, or their discharge may have been delayed while waiting for an echocardiogram to be interpreted. Tele-echocardiography facilitates a quicker diagnosis for infants with serious disease and decreases parental fears if the child's heart is normal.