For Parents and Patients

When a sick child lives a significant distance from pediatric specialty care, the child and their family may not be able to access the kind of individualized care the child deserves. Telemedicine overcomes this challenge by making it possible to receive healthcare services at a distance through a secure video platform.

We believe that children do better when they are able to stay in their home communities, surrounded by their families and support system. The use of technology to facilitate virtual delivery of health care allows us to improve the outcomes of our patients by enhancing access to pediatric specialists and caring for more children in their home communities.

Using a variety of telecommunication technologies including real-time video conferencing, families and providers from around the state and across the globe are able to collaborate closely with Lurie Children's specialists to remotely assess a patient, review diagnostic images and data, and provide an expert diagnosis or lend support for a treatment plan. Our specialists connect with outside organizations using a secure videoconferencing platform that protects the safety of your child and their patient data. These capabilities provide enhanced virtual pediatric support and access for children, families, and providers everywhere, helping to deliver significant cost savings to families and the healthcare system.

“The use of telemedicine helps us ensure that children get the right care in the right setting, which decreases healthcare costs,” said Katie Bohling, Senior Director of Telehealth Programs. “With telemedicine, geographic distance is no longer a barrier to accessing a wide variety of pediatric specialists – all without leaving your home community.”

How our patients and families benefit from our telehealth programs:

  • Improved access to pediatric expertise and specialists
  • Better response capabilities to pediatric trauma
  • Ability to stay close to home when receiving care
  • Reduced stress on children and their families
  • Less time away from work for you and less disruption to your home and family. 

Preparing for Your Telemedicine Visit

Please refer to the below resources to prepare for your child's telemedicine visit:  

Click here to read more about what to expect during a telemedicine visit.