Surgical & Laser Skin Tre​atments

Our pediatric dermatologists pioneered the surgical removal of skin lesions and laser treatment for a variety of vascular and pigmented skin lesions and have successfully practiced these approaches for more than a decade. Whether the necessary treatment is surgical or medical, our dermatologists apply their pediatric expertise and diagnostic skills to manage lesion treatment in chi​ldren. Our team offers the latest technologies at facilities designed to appeal to children. They also follow a comprehensive care philosophy that treats the whole child and family.

Laser Treatment

Our hospital's laser program treats blood vessel abnormalities (e.g., spider angiomas, selected hemangiomas, pyogenic granulomas and port-wine stains) using the most up-to-date technology. A series of laser treatments can also easily remove warts when other medical therapy has been unsuccessful. This convenient alternative is an important option for parents when choosing a treatment route.

Laser treatment is less painful than surgery and is done on an outpatient basis without putting children to sleep, resulting in little to no recovery time. In addition, treatments leave a bruise as opposed to an​ open wound, so there are no surgical dressings for parents to monitor and no resulting scar.

Non-invasive laser treatments are perfor​med by Anthony J. Mancini, MD, Sarah Chamlin, MD, Brandi Kenner-Bell, MD, Lacey L. Kruse, MD, Karina L. Vivar, MD, and Annette Wagner, MD​, and supported by other skilled medical professionals trained exclusively to work with children. Often a parent is present in the room during treatment to lessen the child’s anxiety.

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