The ST​EP Procedure

Our team of physicians and surgeons uses novel approaches to avoid transplant when possible to help these patients maintain growth and nutrition. The serial transverse enteroplasty procedure (STEP) is a surgical technique used to increase bowel length to help absorption in the intestine so it can function more efficiently.

Using the STEP procedure, the surgeons make multiple incisions into a short, dilated segment of intestine to create a thinner segment of intestine. This can help absorption in that part of the intestine and help it to function more efficiently. 

The Benefits

Once the intestine is extremely dilated, meaning it expands but doesn’t contract normally, it may function poorly and lead to bacterial infections, including small bowel bacterial overgrowth. This can lead to poor nutrition and absorption of calories. By performing this procedure, the goal is to decrease infections and/or improve the nutritional status of our patients.