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Spina Bifida Research

Lurie Children’s Spina Bifida Center is a member of the National Spina Bifida Patient Registry, a network of clinics funded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to collect information regarding spina bifida. This information will be used in research efforts to establish guidelines and improve outcomes for those with spina bifida. We are one of twenty-four active sites who participate in the National Spina Bifida Registry as well as one of nine active sites who participate in the Urological Management of Newborns with Spina Bifida.

We are also involved in cutting edge research to examine shunt placement rates and the relationship between neuropsychological and psychosocial outcomes for children with myelomeningocele who have or do not have a shunt.

Ongoing Research Studies:

  • Long Term Follow Up of Patients with Spina Bifida: An Outcome Study
  • Neuropsychological and Psychosocial Outcomes for Children with Myelomeningocele in Relationship to their Shunt Status
  • Prospective measurement of renal function and variation in children and young adults with spina bifida
  • Scoliosis patterns in Children with Myelomeningocele: Does Curve pattern Predict Etiology?

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