Solid Tumor Program Research

Clinical Trials

The Solid Tumor Program offers access to the most clinical trials in the region. As a member of the Children's Oncology Group Phase 1 Consortium, Lurie Children's is one of 21 premier member sites in the U.S. to offer early phase studies with the newest treatment options. Our team will work with you to determine if a clinical study is right for your child's care plan. 

We participate in clinical trials sponsored by:

  • Children's Oncology Group (COG), a National Cancer Institute-sponsored group formed by the merger of the Pediatric Oncology Group, the Children's Cancer Group, the National Wilms Tumor Study Group and the Intergroup Rhabdomyosarcoma Study Group    
  • Children's Oncology Group (COG) Phase I Consortium    
  • Institutional Trials    
  • Industry trials (Pharmaceutical)    

Basic Science Research

Kyle MacQuarrie, MD, PhD

Kyle MacQuarrie, MD, PhD, leads research focused on understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms present in pediatric tumors that drive their development and aberrant biology. His current work is investigating the way that the organization of the cell nucleus relates to the biology of a type of pediatric soft tissue sarcoma.

Featured Project: Nuclear Organization in the Pediatric Tumor Rhabdomyosarcoma
The purpose of Dr. MacQuarrie's project is to characterize differences and similarities of the organization of the cell nucleus between rhabdomyosarcoma tumor cells and normal skeletal muscle cells with the aim of identifying differences that are key to tumor biology. Organization in the nucleus of genes and chromosomes has impacts on cell behavior and gene expression, but the role that plays in pediatric cancers such as rhabdomyosarcoma is not entirely clear. Using tools such as molecular biology techniques, three dimensional microscopy, and next-generation sequencing, Dr. MacQuarrie and the research team are probing what specific differences are present, with the hope such differences will help explain rhabdomyosarcoma behavior and growth and present novel avenues to pursue for future treatment. 

Recent Publications

David Walterhouse, MD

Kyle MacQuarrie, MD, PhD

Jennifer Reicheck, MD, MSW

Elizabeth Sokol, MD

Amy Walz, MD

Kelly D. Coyne, CPNP, CPHON

Barbara Lockart, DNP, APRN-NP, PC, CPON