Single Ventricle Journey: Infants & Toddlers

Children born today with single ventricle physiology undergo a series of palliative (non-curative) operations that typically begin shortly after birth. Early in life, these children require extensive cardiology follow-up care because of their important risk of heart failure, growth problems, and neurodevelopmental & psychosocial challenges. The High Acuity Transition (HeArT) Clinic offers this comprehensive care provided by a team of dedicated experts who will work with you, your referring cardiologist, and/or your pediatrician to ensure your child’s growth and development is optimized at every step along their journey. The HeArT Clinic is designed to be adapted and customized to suit your child’s needs. Prior to their second palliative surgery, infants will often require biweekly or monthly follow-up in HeArT clinic and will be enrolled in the Tele-Interstage Home Monitoring Program to monitor their health with weekly video calls. After their second surgery, infants and toddlers typically require less frequent cardiac follow up, every 2-6 months, and may transition care back to their local community cardiologist. 

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