Single Ventricle Journey: Before Baby

Detection of congenital heart disease (CHD) before your baby’s birth has many advantages. Prenatal diagnosis of CHD allows expectant parents to participate in detailed, shared decision-making and counseling before the baby is born, and provides your care team time to fully prepare for your baby’s medical needs during and after birth.  

The Single Ventricle Center of Excellence is composed of a dedicated team of cardiologists, advanced practice providers, a nurse coordinator, and an administrator. Our team partners with Cardiac Intensive Care, Fetal Cardiology, The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health, Maternal-Fetal Medicine/OBGYNs, NeonatologyCardiovascular SurgerySocial WorkPalliative Care, and other specialties as needed to provide the most comprehensive care to you and baby. We recognize that a single ventricle diagnosis may be anxiety provoking for your family; however, you are never alone as your family navigates the congenital heart disease journey. We are with you! 

Women referred before the birth of baby will have fetal echo appointments in The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health. Our multidisciplinary single ventricle team will follow you alongside the fetal cardiology team throughout your pregnancy.  We will review the diagnosis and make plans for the delivery, newborn hospitalization, and long-term care. Once your baby is born, we will work with your pediatrician and referring cardiologist to prepare for a seamless transition to the outpatient setting. 

Fetal Single Ventricle Roadmap

The Fetal Single Ventricle Roadmap below outlines the care plan navigated by pregnant mothers followed in the Single Ventricle Center of Excellence at Lurie Children’s. Please view the Fetal Single Ventricle Roadmap to see more details. Ver esta información en espanól.

Make an Appointment

Appointments with The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health can be arranged through the Fetal Healthcare Coordinators at 866.338.2524.