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The Single Ventricle Center of Excellence offers longitudinal comprehensive treatment for patients born with single ventricle heart defects in an environment that supports the whole family. The complex anatomy of the heart and its chambers makes each single ventricle defect different and each child’s journey unique. Children born with these complex hearts need specialized treatment, evaluation and lifelong follow-up care. Our team cares for patients from before birth through adulthood. We are dedicated to improving patient surgical, medical, neurodevelopmental, and psychosocial outcomes so that our patients can lead meaningful and active lives.

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Meet Our Team

Our Single Ventricle Center of Excellence Team is composed of experts in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with all types of single ventricle physiology. Our center brings together a full range of specialists to help guide you and your family through all components of your child's journey. Our multidisciplinary team includes clinicians from Cardiovascular Surgery, Cardiology, Clinical Nutrition, Palliative Care and Developmental Therapies. Depending on the needs of each patient, additional referrals are made to a variety of other specialties, including Cardiovascular Genetics, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Immunology, Hematology, Neurology, Psychology, and Social Work. Our team meets weekly to discuss and decide on a care plan for each patient, which allows multiple heart doctors to weigh in on treatment options for your child.

Meet Our Team

Our Patients

We care for patients anywhere along their Single Ventricle journey in a variety of care settings. 

  • Pregnant women who receive a single ventricle disease diagnosis will be followed throughout their pregnancy by our multidisciplinary prenatal team through The Chicago Institute for Fetal Health. 
  • Infants diagnosed with a single ventricle defect are initially cared for in the Regenstein Cardiac Care Unit. Once ready for discharge home, they are closely monitored through our Tele-Interstage Home Monitoring Program and our High Acuity Transition (HeArT) Clinic 
  • Upon graduation from the Interstage period, infants and toddlers with single ventricle defects either continue with comprehensive follow up care in our HeArT cliniat the main hospital, transition to one of our outreach cardiologists closer to home, or transition to local cardiologists in the community depending on their level of medical complexity and family preference.  Our team strives to keep your care close to home whenever possible.   
  • Children and young adults diagnosed with a single ventricle defect following Fontan palliation receive care in our multidisciplinary Single Ventricle Follow-Up Clinic. 
  • As they near adulthood, individuals with single ventricle physiology begin the transition to our Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program. The bridge between pediatric and adult care helps patients and their families to safely transition and minimizes disruptions in care while helping patients develop independence and gradually learn to take ownership of their own healthcare.   

Journey With a Single Ventricle Defect

Single ventricle physiology is typically treated through a series of two or three palliative (non-curative) surgeries in the first few years of life. Children with these heart defects require lifelong cardiac care to ensure they have every opportunity to lead healthy lives as they growUnfortunately, many children will require additional operations or cardiac catheter-based procedurescomplex testing, multiple hospitalizations, and frequent outpatient follow-up. Our single ventricle team is uniquely equipped to help these patients and their families face these challenges both inside and outside the hospital. 

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Research & Quality Improvement Initiatives

Our team is passionate about pioneering advancements and improvements in the diagnosis, treatment and care of patients with single ventricle physiology. 

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Appointments with the Single Ventricle Center of Excellence can be arranged by calling 312.227.8588. 

In addition to in-person visits, we now offer telemedicine visits via video or phone. Some appointments will still require you to be seen in-person, but your physician and care team will let you know if a telemedicine appointment is available.

Second Opinions

For families or providers seeking a second opinion, please call 312.227.8588.

Heart Center Family Resource Guide

To help prepare families for their care with Lurie Children's Heart Center, we have compiled a list of resources about treatment and recovery. Learn how to get ready for an inpatient stay or outpatient visit, and read about our support services for patients and families.

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