Never Fear Talks

Stressing out about having that one big “sex talk” with your young person? You know... that one where you impart all there is to know about sexuality, gender, puberty, reproductive systems, sexual health, consent and relationships? Well, good news, there isn’t just ONE talk! 

Young people are always observing, listening, learning from you and from their world. There are so many little ways over the years that you connect and share messages about identities, bodies, and relationships. Ann Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago’s Potocsnak Division of Adolescent Young Adult Medicine shows you real-life examples of adults and youth having quick meaningful conversations about navigating sexual health. We bring you Never Fear Talks

Teji (9) & Dawn Talk Consent

When it comes to consent, practice is key. For young children and children with social or communication differences, it may be extra important to regularly demonstrate non-verbal cues along with verbal cues. For more on teaching consent at home check out this blog post from Sex Positive Families.

Noam (11) & Heather Talk Sex

Unsure of how to answer detailed questions about sex in an age appropriate way? Check out our friends at AMAZE to watch fun informative videos for the under 14 crowd (and their parents/caregivers). 

Belise (15) & Yasmin Talk Masturbation

For more details on masturbation, check out our friends at Scarleteen for all the teen centered, LGBTQ inclusive and real deal info. 

Ma'ani (11) & Emeric Talk Sex Ed

Looking to improve Sex Ed at your school? Check out all the resources on our Sexuality Education Program page. For no shame, no scare tactic information on STI prevention for teens, check out Scarleteen's article, "All the Barriers! All the Time!"

Yani (18) & Linda Talk Break-Ups

For more on managing the pain and suffering of break-ups check out Scarleteen's article, "Getting Through a Breakup Without Actually Breaking."

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