Sexuality Education Program

Please note that as we navigate remote working and learning experiences in response to the need for social distancing, our team is eager to work with your organization to offer our education initiatives via audio/video-conferencing tools online. 

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago’s Sexuality Education Program combines the expertise of multidisciplinary staff with a youth-centered and engaging curriculum. Our team supports thoughtful, culturally responsive, and LGBTQIA inclusive conversations as students learn about relationships, social emotional development, and their bodies. All programming is consistent with the National Sexuality Education Standards and Gender Spectrum's “Principles of Gender Inclusive Puberty and Health Education”. We are an approved community-based Sexual Health Education provider with public and private schools, including Chicago Public Schools.

Our programs are fee-for-service.

  • We can offer a limited number of reduced cost services for schools or organizations supporting students from under resourced communities.

For more information on programing and fees, please reach out to Dawn Ravine,, Sexuality Education Program Coordinator.

Types of Programming

Our staff provide tailored developmentally appropriate sessions to fit the needs of all students. As a pediatric institution, we share a unique expertise for grades K-8, but support these sessions across all levels of education.

Core Topics 

  • Personal Safety: Consent Boundary Communication (All Ages)
  • Healthy Relationships: Friends, Family More (All Ages)
  • Gender Upstanders: Gender Stereotypes Identity Development (All Ages)
  • Puberty YOU (Grades 4-8)
  • Know Your Body: Reproductive Systems (Grades 4+)
  • Sexual Health Sexual Decision Making (Grades 7+)
  • Sexuality Education Review Games
  • Sex Ed YOU a Whirlwind Tour: Overview of all topics (Grades 5+)

LGBTQ Centered/GSA Workshops

We offer sexuality education tailored to the needs of LGBTQ youth for middle and high school GSAs, focusing on consent, communication, and safe sex. Some key topics may include sexual communication in a gender-affirming way, healthy LGBTQ relationships, anal sex, and sex toy safety, and HIV & PrEP. Our team members focus on answering questions and providing resources specific to LGBTQ youth. For more information, email Adam Davies (they/them) at

Parents and family members are their children’s first teachers. Our staff provides adults an opportunity to explore and learn about the range of topics covered in comprehensive sexuality education. We talk about ways to respond to challenging questions. We provide tools and resources to ensure that adults are equipped to provide ongoing affirming support to the children and young people in their lives. These sessions are conversational, prioritizing community and family needs. These sessions support the need for each young person to have a team of informed and supportive adults at home, at school and in their communities.

Our team knows the importance of supporting teachers and school staff in becoming comfortable and confident in facilitating sexuality education conversations. Through our school professional development offerings, we prepare staff to provide accurate and developmentally appropriate responses to challenging questions. Professional development (PD) sessions can focus on formal sexual health education facilitators or general school personnel who may be responding to sexuality education topics that arise outside of formal curriculum.

PD options include: 

  • Overview of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (tailored to age of students)
  • Make It Interactive: Hands-On Practice of Activities to Support Sexuality Education
  • Preparation Co-facilitation of Parent Nights
  • Q&A: Answering Challenging Questions
  • Opportunities to shadow or co-facilitate lessons
  • Review of curriculum and practices at the school district level

Our Gender and LGBTQ Inclusion trainings are an excellent complement to Sexuality Education training.

Sexuality Education Resources

For real–life examples of adults and youth having quick meaningful conversations about navigating sexual health, we bring you Never Fear Talks. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for even more resources to expand your knowledge.


Sex, etc.

Trans Student Educational Resources

Bedsider (birth control comparisons)

Birth Control Methods (with videos) from Planned Parenthood*

Sex Ed for Self-Advocates: A guide for people age 15+ on the autism spectrum +

*You can find planned Parenthood’s Chat/Text anytime by visiting or texting PPNOW to PPINFO (774636). 


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