Sex Development Program

Sex development occurs in stages. A fetus has many opportunities to develop along a path that is not the typical one for a boy or a girl. When sex development follows a less common path, the result is a difference of sex development (DSD*). Learn about differences of sex development

Competent, collaborative multidisciplinary care assures the best possible outcome for a child with a DSD. Lurie Children’s unites pediatric urologists, endocrinologists, surgeons and nurses in addition to an ethicist and child psychologist experienced in DSD and gender issues to provide optimal care for each child with a DSD.

*DSD is a term in evolution. Commonly used terms to describe DSD conditions include difference of sex development, disorder of sex development, and intersex.

Our Approach

A diagnosis of a DSD can be overwhelming for any family. The team at Lurie Children’s is committed to providing the most up-to-date care in a setting that is supportive and compassionate for your family. Our specialists are dedicated to working with your family and understanding your beliefs and your hopes for your child.

As children grow from infancy to adolescence to adulthood, their medical and social needs change, and we work to support them through this development as smoothly as possible. Overall, our goal is for each child to have optimal emotional well-being, growth, development and future sexual function along with a stable gender identity.

Lurie Children’s offers the Gender and Sex Development Program, which was developed for children and families impacted by DSD and diverse gender identities. We look forward to welcoming more families. 


To find out more information about our program or to request an appointment, call Danielle Lee at 312.227.6203 or e-mail


Help us better understand the healthcare needs of adolescents and young adults who have a diagnosis of a difference of sex development (DSD). By joining our research study, you can help us learn more about opinions related to sexual health and fertility for individuals diagnosed with a DSD condition.