Psychogenic Non-neurological Syndromes

Seizures, fainting, and other movement disorders can have both organic and psychological (emotional or stress-related) causes. Up to 20 percent of patients treated as epileptic have other causes for their symptoms.

Psychogenic nonepileptic seizures (PNES) and psychogenic movement disorders (PMD) are very common psychogenic neurologic disorders. To prescribe correct treatment, It is up to epileptologists, movement disorders experts, psychiatrists, psychologists, and physiotherapists to determine that exact causes of seizures, fainting, and movement disorders.

Psychogenic symptoms can be varied, including paralysis, mutism, visual and sensory, movement disorders, walking or balance issues, and chronic pain.

One type of psychogenic attack — fainting — can be caused by several non-neurological conditions including cardiac or central nervous system disorders. Panic disorders may also result in fainting episodes, along with migraines and transient ischemic attacks.

There may also be endocrine, metabolic, and toxic causes for seizures or other periods of altered consciousness.

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