Pediatric Wellness & Weight Management Program

The Wellness and Weight Management Program at Lurie Children’s provides compassionate and comprehensive outpatient care for families of children and teenagers who have obesity and are looking to improve their health. We see patients as two years old through age 18.

Obesity is the most common medical condition affecting long-term health. Our multidisciplinary team works with families to provide the right tools and information to achieve their health goals.

Children look to their families to model healthy eating and physical activity, so we promote healthy behaviors for the whole family. Supportive families that make changes along with their children usually experience the most all-around success.

We guide parents and their children through small steps that lead to lasting change. At each visit, we help families set health behavior goals related to nutrition and physical activity. As needed, we provide medications to support healthy metabolism. For adolescents interested, we partner with the Adolescent Bariatric Surgery Program.

What to Expect

First Appointment

During the first visit, the physician/advanced practice nurse and dietician will complete a thorough medical review and evaluation. Initial goals will be developed with the family and any appropriate referrals will be made. Initial visits may last 2-2.5 hours; please plan accordingly.

Follow-up Visits

Follow-up appointments are scheduled every 1-4 months to assess progress and adjust goals. These visits may last approximately one hour; please plan accordingly. These visits can be done in-person or via telemedicine. 

Surgical Procedures

Lurie Children's offers bariatric surgery in addition to medical weight management services. Directed by Thomas H. Inge, MD, PhD, this option is available for adolescents who meet established criteria.

This multidisciplinary approach provides comprehensive care and includes a pediatric surgeon, registered dietitian, physical therapist, psychologist and social worker. Surgery and follow-up treatment are offered at Lurie Children's Main Hospital and Central DuPage Hospital.

Make an Appointment

To schedule a first-time appointment, please call 1.800.543.7362 (1.800.KIDS.DOC®) or visit our appointments page for more information. There will be a wait before your first Wellness & Weight Management Program appointment.

To schedule a follow-up appointment in the Wellness and Weight Management Program, or for specific questions or concerns, please call 312.227.6450.

Resources & Support

If you are looking to start making changes before the first appointment. 

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