Pediatric Vascular Lesion Care Center

The Vascular Lesion Center (VLC) at Lurie Children’s is focused on providing comprehensive care for infants, children and adolescents with vascular lesions. 

In 2003, our specialists created the VLC to bring experts from across our medical system together to diagnose and treat children with vascular lesions, utilizing the most updated knowledge and techniques from the pertinent specialty areas.

What Are Vascular Lesions?

Vascular lesions refer to lesions which are composed of blood vessels. Some vascular lesions, known as vascular malformations, are an abnormal collection of blood vessels that arise during fetal development. Others, such as infantile hemangiomas, are tumors composed of blood vessels and the cells that make up blood vessels.

The Lurie Children's Difference

Our program is a collaborative effort between the pediatric specialties of plastic surgery, dermatology,  interventional radiology, oncology, otolaryngology, physiatry (also known as physical medicine and rehabilitation), pediatric surgery, urology​, psychology and social services. This multispecialty model incorporates valuable expertise of the various specialists to provide the most comprehensive treatment for vascular lesions. In addition, access is available to a variety of additional specialties and resources throughout the Lurie Children’s network, when they are needed.

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Tests & Treatments

We offer the use of a Pulsed Dye Laser, which is used to treat various blood vessel conditions of the skin. This laser is best for lesions that are red because it uniquely targets red blood cells in the skin’s surface.

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Make an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, please call 312.227.8521.

Clinic Location

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago
225 E. Chicago Avenue, 3rd Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60611
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Please let us know ahead of time if you have difficulties with transportation to your appointment, and we will help facilitate your travel. If you are coming from out of town, check our Visitors Guide for information about traveling to Lurie Children’s.

What to Expect

This specialized clinic, which is held monthly, gives patients with vascular lesions dedicated attention from our team of experts, in order to create an effective treatment plan for each child. Prior to your visit, our nurse practitioners and nurses will review your child’s medical history and help organize any previous records and imaging, such as MRIs, CT scans (also called CAT scans) and ultrasounds. Your appointment will last for approximately three hours, including a 30-45 minute break. Your family and child will be seen by representatives from all of our contributing specialties, and one specialist will take a lead role in organizing your child’s treatment plan.

After your child is examined, our multidisciplinary team of over 20 specialists will review your child’s case, review the imaging studies, provide treatment options and suggest the best plan of care and follow up. After a treatment plan has been developed, it will be discussed with you and your family before you leave the hospital. You benefit from the expertise of many doctors reviewing your child’s case and contributing to the best possible course of treatment, with the convenience of a single visit to a single clinic. 

This approach streamlines the evaluation and treatment process, quickly connecting you with the best specialist to treat your child and their condition. Each treatment plan is customized for the child and we consider the medical and developmental needs of the child, as well as the needs of a family.​

Preparing for Your Appointment

In order to make the most of your visit to the VLC, it is essential for us to review your child’s previous imaging, labs and clinic notes. If your child had tests or imaging at a facility other than Lurie Children’s, please obtain the images on a disc (DVD) and include any lab results or clinic notes that are available. Medical records can often be obtained by calling a hospital’s medical records department and requesting a release.

Before your appointment, please mail records and discs to:

Lurie Children’s Vascular Lesion Center
Divison of Dermatology
225 East Chicago Avenue
Box 107
Chicago, IL 60611  
Attention:  Carolyn Kiolbasa, RN​