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Urologic Diseases & Conditions We Treat

Our team of experts provides advanced care for a range of urologic diseases and conditions – ranging from the most common to the most complex. The following is a list of urological conditions in children that our team treats. 

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Undescended Testes (Testicles; also Cryptorchidism)

A condition in which a baby boy’s testes do not descend properly to the scrotum.

Ureteral Duplication

A condition in which one kidney has two ureters, each one drains separately into the bladder.

Ureteral Stones

Also called ureteral calculi, usually forming in the bladder and made up of naturally occurring minerals that crystallize out of the urine.


A balloon-like malformation of the area where a ureter, the tube from the kidney, enters the bladder.

Ureteropelvic Junction (UPJ) Obstruction

A blockage occurring where the kidney’s urine collection system meets the ureter, the tube that carries urine to the bladder.

Urethral Prolapse

A condition in young girls wherein the end of the urethra protrudes outward from the urinary opening.

Urinary Frequency & Urgency

Also called overactive bladder, frequency of urination more than the usual seven times per day, and difficulty in delaying using the toilet.

Urinary Tract Infections

UTIs in children are infections of the urinary system and may involve just the bladder, or the bladder and the kidneys. Learn more about symptoms and treatment.

Urogenital Sinus

A rare abnormality in the development of bladder, urethra, and vagina during fetal growth, causing the urethra and vagina to continue to share the same channel.