Urologic Diseases & Conditions We Treat

Our team of experts provides advanced care for a range of urologic diseases and conditions – ranging from the most common to the most complex. The following is a list of urological conditions in children that our team treats. 

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Pediatric Hernias

A protrusion of tissue or an organ through an opening or weakness in the muscle wall that usually contains it. Infants can be born with them.

Penile Skin Bridge - Penile Adhesions

Can result from a procedure such as circumcision if the skin around the head of the penis is not retracted during healing, but can also occur in uncircumcised young boys.

Posterior Urethral Valves

Abnormal valves that prevent the normal release of urine, causing the kidneys and collecting systems to become overfilled and expanded.

Prune Belly Syndrome

Also called Eagle-Barrett syndrome or Obrinsky syndrome, characterized by poor development of abdominal muscles, undescended testicles, and urinary tract problems.