Organ Transplant Programs

The Division of Transplantation has developed individual and specialized programs for the types of organ transplants we perform. Browse our list of transplantation programs to read more about the expert-led initiatives and view information detailing their volumes and outcomes.

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    Comprehensive Hepatobiliary Surgical Program

    Learn more about the Hepatobiliary Surgical Program at Lurie Children's, one of the world's premier programs for complex pediatric liver and bile tract surgery.

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    Heart Transplant Program

    The Pediatric Heart Failure & Transplantation Program at Lurie Children's in Chicago provides life-saving children's heart transplant treatments. Learn more.

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    Intestinal Transplantation Program

    Lurie Children's provides one of the rare treatment programs for children suffering from an improperly functioning small bowel.

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    Kidney Transplant Program

    Lurie Children's Pediatric Kidney Transplant Program has outcomes among the best programs in the country. Learn more today about how we can help.

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    Liver Transplantation Program

    Lurie Children’s has one of the largest and most experienced pediatric liver transplant surgery teams in the country. Learn more about our holistic treatment.

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    Stem Cell Transplantation Program

    Lurie Children's is the nation's largest stem cell transplant center for children with damaged bone marrow. Learn more about pediatric stem cell transplants.

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    Surgical Oncology Program

    Our Pediatric Surgical Oncology Program offers multidisciplinary care for children diagnosed with solid organ tumors, including sarcomas, kidney tumors, liver tumors, neuroblastoma, gonadal (ovarian and testicular) tumors and thyroid tumors, among other rare conditions.

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