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Non-Treatment Studies

Our non-treatment studies at Lurie Children’s are primarily observational and lab studies. They help provide track data about stem cell transplantation and provide samples for laboratory research.

Procurement of Umbilical Cord Blood

This study allows women to donate their umbilical cords after healthy childbirth to be used in laboratory research at Lurie Children’s. These donated cords are not eligible to be given to patients at a later time for allogeneic transplant.

Research Database

This national study tracks patients receiving stem cell transplantations. It looks at a variety of data from before and after transplantation.

Research Repository

This national study is designed to create a large collection of blood samples from patients and their stem cell donors. The samples can then be processed and studied by researchers who request access to the samples.

Red Cell Depletion

This investigator-driven study is designed to test a new reagent to salvage red cells in grafts obtained from bone marrow donors. Its goal is to minimize the risk of severe anemia following bone marrow harvest.

All protocols are approved by the Lurie Children's Institutional Review Board.