Conditions Treated with Rehabilitative Services

Our pediatric rehabilitation specialists assess and treat children for many conditions. View a list of those conditions below. 

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Developmental Delays

Some with biological causes, others may be environmental, delays can be grouped into mental, physical, behavioral and speech.

Feeding & Swallowing Problems

Both behavioral and physiological issues can affect childhood eating, resulting in either the refusal or inability to eat foods normally.

Movement Dysfunction

Affecting the ability to walk, maintain balance, and participate in athletics; chronic pain and decreased range of motion are usually also present.

Neurologic Disorders & Injuries

Any structural, chemical or electrical disturbances in the central nervous system can result in weakness, paralysis, lack of coordination or sensation, confusion or pain.

Receptive & Expressive Language Difficulties

Indicated by problems understanding what people say, following spoken directions, organizing thoughts, putting words into sentences, or finding the right words.

Sensory Processing Disorders

Conditions in which the child has problems processing and organizing sensation coming from the body and the environment.

Speech Impairment

Conditions in which a person has problems forming speech sounds necessary to communicate with others.

Voice & Resonance Disorders

Problems of pitch, volume or quality of the voice, distracting to listeners and sometimes painful to the child speaking.