Pediatric Medical Imaging Research

We have an active research program, including patient studies (clinical trials). Our other ongoing studies include:


  • An experimental type of MRI in use at only a few U.S. medical centers, called 4D flow MRI (shown above), which uses three dimensions and time to look at blood flow in vessels. It is especially useful in congenital heart disease and vascular abnormalities.
  • MRI measurement of brown fat, the calorie-burning fat in our bodies that may lower the risk of obesity, to assess development of childhood obesity.
  • Use of a special type of MRI (multicompartment, diffusion weighted) to tell the difference between recurrence of a brain tumor and tissue damage that can occur from radiation therapy.

As the pediatric training site for the Feinberg School, we help educate medical imaging residents and fellows. Medical Imaging is also the training location for several local colleges with imaging programs.