Radiation Safety

The Department of Medical Imaging is committed to limiting children’s radiation exposure to the lowest doses possible. We make sure to maintain our high standards through various safety checks and programs, and we’re proud supporters of the Image Gently campaign.

We use a comprehensive radiation dose monitoring program for patients to ensure we create a safe environment and provide high-quality service. A physicist, radiologist and technologist make decisions on patients’ upcoming exams by reviewing their cumulative dose history. The goal is to always administer the best and safest exam possible.

We also have a radiation safety officer, medical physicist and MRI​ physicist/safety officer on staff to make sure our procedures and equipment put our patients’ safety first.

In a piece from WGN-TV's Medical WatchJames Donaldson, MD, discusses minimizing radiation in children.

Patient Shielding

In an effort to provide the highest-quality diagnostic exams at the lowest health risk, we are no longer shielding your child during their X-ray exam. 

Radiation Safety Officer

Our Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) oversees all aspects of our radiation protection program, ensuring all activities follow licensee-approved procedures and regulatory requirements. The RSO also ensures procedures follow Image Gently​ guidelines, an international move to increase awareness about reducing radiation exposure in children.

RSO services often include:

  • Physician and nursing consultations
  • Pregnancy and prenatal information and monitoring
  • 24-hour on-call emergency consultations
  • Exposure assessment and monitoring
  • Radiation safety in-service
  • Radiation safety consult
  • Radioactive waste disposal

To speak to us about your child’s upcoming medical imaging procedure, call 773.755.6312 from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., M​onday through Friday. A staff member is also on call for emergency consults.

Medical Physicist & MRI Physi​cist

Our medical physicist and MRI physi​cist make sure our imaging procedures are safe and appropriate for kid​s, and that we maintain our high imaging standards. The medical physicist makes sure all equipment is accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Our MRI physicist selects, sets up and optimizes MRI protocols, imaging quality assurance and control and MRI physics education.

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