Prepare for Sedation

If your child is scheduled for sedation, you will speak directly with someone on our sedation team before your visit. Generally, sedation is recommended for children who need pain or anxiety control measures, and developmentally delayed children. If you think your child may need sedation, please call us at 312.227.4461. General guidelines are listed below.

Food & Drink Before Sedation

  • Eight hours before: stop feeding your child any solid food
  • Six hours before: stop any store-bought milk, baby formula or non-clear liquids
  • Four hours before: stop breast milk
  • Two hours before: stop clear liquids (such as water, apple juice or Pedialyte)

Sedation Appointments

On average, appointments with sedation last about four hours. This can be longer or shorter depending on the needs of your child. Most children getting sedation go home the same day.

Please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment time for check-in.

You will be escorted to the sedation preparation area by a staff member where you will meet your child's sedation nurse and physician.

If you child is sick on the day of your appointment, you may need to reschedule, especially if they have a cold, cough, fever, vomiting or diarrhea.

Learn more about how to prepare for your child's medical imaging procedure.

Children With Special Needs

Please tell us everything you think is important about your child and their care. Also, please let us know if your child has any lung, heart, kidneys, ear/nose/throat (ENT) or diabetic conditions so we can work together to plan ahead.