Supporting Teen Problem Solving (STePS)

Lurie Children's wants to learn if teaching teenagers with Type 1 diabetes new ways to solve problems and cope with stress can help them become more resilient. This study also aims help them manage both daily stress and diabetes-specific stress. 

Who Qualifies?

This study is designed to help teenagers (age 14-17) become better problem solvers. High school aged teenagers with Type 1 Diabetes are invited to participate in this study.

What Will I Be Doing? 

As a study participant, you will meet with a facilitator and about 4-7 other teens with Type 1 diabetes, over the course of 9 meetings. 

  • These meetings will happen approximately twice per month and last around 2 hours.
  • Participants will be randomized to either an in-person program or an on-line program. 

After completing all 9 meetings, you will be asked to participate in one final hour-long focus group, sharing your perspectives on the program.

Participants and their parents will also be asked to complete questionnaires at the beginning, end, and follow-up period after the program. The questionnaires take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete.

Participants in the study will be paid $300 in total for completing the study. This will be given in four increments:

  • $50 gift card for completing the pre-program questionnaires,
  • $75 for completing the post-program questionnaires,
  • $75 for participating in the focus group,
  • $100 for completing questionnaires 6 months later.

All payments will be provided in the form of Tango cards, an e-gift card vendor that allows you to spend the gift card at most on-line vendors.

Join the Study

Questions about joining? Email Sarah Powers or call us at 312.227.2009

PI: Jill Weissberg-Benchell, Ph.D.
Research Coordinator: Sarah Powers

I'm interested in learning more

This study is Lurie Children's IRB #2023-6418