Open Notes in Child Mental Health

What Is the Purpose of This Study?

Your mental health provider writes a note after every visit that goes in your medical record. Caregivers and teenagers can read these notes on MyChart. Your ability to read these clinical notes is called "open notes." We want to learn about your experience reading your mental health visit notes.

What Is Involved?

  • We are asking caregivers of children (ages 6-17 years) and teenagers (ages 12-17 years) to complete an online survey.
  • The survey will take 15-20 minutes to complete.
  • Your answers to the survey will be confidential. 

Will I Be Compensated?

Every caregiver and every teenager who completes the survey will receive a $20 electronic gift card to a vendor of their choice from a number of options (including Amazon, Starbucks, and more).

How Can I Sign Up to Participate?

Visit the link below to learn more and to sign up to participate in this study: 

Learn More & Participate

This study is Lurie Children's IRB 2022-5443, Open Notes in Child Psychology and Psychiatry, Jenna Shapiro, PhD. The content of this site has been approved by the Lurie Children's IRB.


Contact Dr. Jenna Shapiro at 312.227.2448 for more information.