M4D Scanner

We are home to one of the most cutting-edge pieces of technology in our hospital and were the first in the United States to acquire the M4D Scan. The M4D Scan is a portable device that uses a strobe light-like beam of light to capture the precise body contours we need to create orthoses and prostheses, eliminating the need for messy casting sessions for many patients.

The scanner’s white light is harmless and replaces the laser many other scanners use. When the light is projected at a patient’s body, an image is sent through the scanner to a computer, where a 3D image of the patient’s body is created. These images are then saved in our database so that they can be used later on to gauge patients’ progress over time.

The M4D Scan works quickly, which means that patients no longer have to hold still in casts for long periods of time. It also gives us more accurate dimensions than casting. 

Watch the video below to view a demonstration of the scanner in use.