Spinal Conditions

The Department  of Orthotics and Prosthetics works with the Division of Orthopaedic Surgery as well as outside providers to help treat children with back conditions and circumstances including:

Our team uses spinal orthoses such as cervical collars, thoracolumbosacral orthoses (TLSOs) and lumbar sacral orthoses (LSOs) to help treat our patients’ conditions. The type of orthosis is determined by the medical team dependent on the segment of the spine being treated.

What to Expect


After your child has visited their orthopedic surgeon and received a prescription for a spinal orthosis, they can make an appointment with us for a consultation. At the initial consultation appointment, our team will perform a clinical evaluation, review x-rays, and develop a plan unique to your child. We then contact your insurance for pre-authorization before moving forward with your evaluation appointment.


At the evaluation appointment, our team may take measurements, a scan, or a cast of your child’s body based on your doctor's recommendation and your child’s specific needs to fabricate their orthosis.

We recommend that children bring form fitting clothing such as: A one-piece bathing suit, plain leotard or snug shirt and shorts so we can get the most accurate measurements possible. Most orthoses are custom-made by our team, a process that takes two weeks.


After the brace is made, the patient will return for the fitting of their orthosis. The fitting can last up to an hour to ensure an appropriate fit. Your orthotist will instruct you on proper wearing, a break-in schedule, and setting up your first follow-up appointment.

Each spinal orthosis is equipped with a TLSO interface. They also have an iButton compliance monitor to provide the best management of your child’s spine. This allows you and your medical team to keep track of how well your child is wearing their orthosis when your child returns for a follow-up.


Regular follow-up is necessary to maintain an appropriate fit. Your child’s orthotist will determine when is best to follow-up. If there is an issue with your orthosis, please contact us to schedule an appointment to make the necessary adjustments to improve the fit of the orthosis. 

Make an Appointment

After receiving a prescription for an orthosis, you can call our office at 312.227.6210 to schedule an appointment with an orthotics specialist. We can provide our services at the following locations:


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