Chest Wall Deformities: Orthotic Treatment

The Department of Orthotics and Prosthetics works closely with the Division of Pediatric Surgery​ to help children with chest wall deformities, which includes but is not limited to:

The goal of orthotic treatment for pectus carinatum is to reduce the deformity and then to maintain correction until your child is near skeletal maturity. The amount of correction is dependent upon several factors, including the flexibility of the chest wall, age, and brace wear compliance. Full-time wear is typically 8-12 hours a day or as prescribed by your physician.

What to Expect


Your first visit with your orthotist will likely be at a visit with your pediatric surgeon. At this visit our specialists will complete a white light scan of your child’s torso to obtain initial measurements and discuss a treatment plan as it pertains to orthotic management. If bracing is recommended, our team will contact your insurance provider and obtain pre-authorization for the orthosis.


When pre-authorization is obtained, an evaluation appointment can be scheduled. At the evaluation appointment your orthotist will take a series of measurements and a cast of your child’s chest wall to fabricate a custom orthosis. Fabrication of a custom orthosis takes 2 weeks.


During the pick-up appointment, the Orthotist will instruct you and your child on how to put on the brace and discuss wear time and other instructions.


Follow-up is an important part of the program; your child’s brace may need to be periodically checked and adjusted due to growth and progress every 4-5 months until brace wear is discontinued by the physician.


If interested, your child can be enrolled in our iButton™ and white light scan studies, which collects data to be used for ongoing research. Previous research has led to changes in clinical guidelines and recommendations including how many hours per day a brace must be worn to be effective. Visit our Chest Wall Deformities Program page for more information.

Make an Appointment

Orthotic appointments are coordinated after receiving a referral from your pediatric surgeon. To schedule an initial visit to evaluate your child’s chest wall, call Pediatric Surgery at 312.227.4210

After receiving a prescription for an orthosis, you can call our office at 312.227.6210 to schedule an appointment for white light scanning, brace evaluation, fitting, or follow-up. We can provide our services at the following locations:


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