Amputations & Limb Deficiencies

Our skilled pediatric prosthetists work collaboratively with the Lurie Children's team of doctors and therapists as well as outside providers to create prosthetic limbs for children with a wide variety of limb deficiencies. Commonly treated conditions include but are not limited to:

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The Lurie Children's Difference

Our team of skilled pediatric prosthetic specialists provide the best possible prosthetic care for children. We strive to improve mobility, independence, and self-confidence in children with limb deficiencies.  

We work closely with Lurie Children's team of physicians, physical therapists, and occupational therapists to customize a treatment plan specific to your child’s age and developmental stage. Special attention is placed on developing the best prosthetic plan for you and your child’s current and future goals. With continued reassessment of your child's needs, our team aims to empower a lifetime of potential. 

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What to Expect

Pre-Operative Consultation: A pre-operative consultation is valuable in building a connection with your child’s prosthetist. Our prosthetists take this opportunity to discuss goals, fears and expectations following surgery. This consultation is available for any individual who is scheduled for or considering amputation.

Post-Operative Consultation: A post-operative consultation will typically occur immediately following surgery or during the acute phase of rehabilitation. Following a physical evaluation, realistic goals and expectations will be established. A timeline for continued prosthetic treatment will also be discussed.

Creating the Prosthesis: In order to begin the process of building a prosthesis, a prescription is required from your child’s physician.

Evaluation: Once the surgical site has healed and your child has been cleared by a physician, you will be scheduled for an evaluation appointment. At this appointment, an in-depth physical examination will be performed to determine the most appropriate prosthetic design. An impression or scan along with a series of measurements will be taken of your child’s residual limb. This will then be used in the fabrication of a custom prosthesis.

Fitting: Following the evaluation appointment, the patient will return for a ‘test socket’ fitting. At this appointment, your child will try on what is typically a clear plastic preparatory prosthesis. This step is used to ensure optimal fit, alignment and comfort prior to finalizing the shape and design. Once the fit of the preparatory prosthesis is appropriate, fabrication of the definitive device will begin. It is important to note that there are occasions when multiple ‘test socket’ appointments may be required to ensure optimal fit.

Pick-up: Once fabrication of the definitive prosthesis is complete the child will return for a pick-up appointment. Detailed wear and care instructions will be provided to both you and your child at this time.

Follow-Up: Our team will continue to schedule regular visits to assess the fit and function of the prosthesis. As your child continues to grow and develop, modifications to the prosthesis will be required in order to maintain comfort and functionality of the device. Once no further modifications can be made to accommodate changes in limb shape or volume, a new prosthesis will need to be fabricated. If the prosthesis is not fitting well or your child is experiencing discomfort, it is important to schedule a follow up appointment immediately so modifications can be made.

Paying for a Prosthesis

Our team works closely with both private and public insurance companies to determine prosthetic coverage under your plan. Determination of authorization will be discussed prior to fabrication of the prosthesis. Out-of-pocket costs will be determined by your insurance plan and should be discussed directly with your insurance company.  

Make an Appointment

After receiving a referral from a physician, you can make an appointment to have your child evaluated by calling our office at 312.227.6210 to schedule an appointment.

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