Optical Shops

Lurie Children's Optical Shops for Children were created to provide the highest standard of vision care to children and their families. The optical centers provide specialty frames, infant sizes and up, that are colorful and lightweight, but also durable and fashionable.

Our high-quality lenses are available in all prescriptions and highly customizable. From lenses that turn into sunglasses with UV and glare protection, to goggles for children in sports, Optical for Children has a wide range of vision care options. One shop is located on the fourth floor of the main hospital in the Division of Ophthalmology. The second is located at the Outpatient Center in Northbrook.

Vision Care Options

Frames may be customizable for children with special needs such as Down syndrome and Apert syndrome to address their low nasal bridge, as well as children with hearing aids, ear microtia or cranial deformities.

Contact lenses are available for children with blurred vision at a distance or near. Specialty contact lenses may be used for children who have anisometropia, amblyopia, accommodative esotropia and nystagmus, as well as corneal irregularities from scars or keratoconus, if advised by their doctor.

Sun wear options are available to promote child’s eye health and vision through quality UV protection.

Eye occlusion options such as patches for children with amblyopia and occlusion posters to encourage a child’s eye patching are also available when recommended.

We are Low Vision Center with aids for children who are visually impaired, which include telescopes for distance vision and magnifiers for near vision, as well as electronic aids. There are also prism lenses available for children with hemianopia.

We are a Sport Eye Injury Prevention Center and carry athletic eye wear, such as goggles.