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Kidney Conditions We Treat

Our team treats all types of pediatric kidney diseases and their complications. Learn more about the conditions we treat. 

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Metabolic Bone Disease

A group of disorders affecting bone metabolism, usually caused by abnormalities in calcium or phosphorus and vitamin D, may lead to reduced growth, deformities, and fractures.


A group of symptoms affecting both kidneys, usually with no obvious cause, indicated by high albumin in the urine, high blood cholesterol and fluid retention throughout the body.

Obstructive Uropathy

A broad term referring to any disease of the upper or lower urinary tract that restricts the flow of urine, among common congenital urinary tract abnormalities in children.


A skeletal disorder characterized by decreased bone strength due to loss of bone mass/density, resulting in an increased risk of fractures (breaks).


A rare metabolic disorder characterized by recurrent kidney and bladder stones, caused by an overproduction of oxalate.

Parathyroid Disorders

When the four pea-sized nodules located on or near the back of the thyroid gland are either overactive or underactive, releasing too much or too little parathyroid hormone.

Renal Insufficiency

Also called renal failure, kidney failure, end-stage renal disease, a condition in which kidneys no longer function correctly.


Also called osteomalacia, rachitis, a condition in which bones become soft or deformed due to lack of calcium and phosphorus, caused by a deficiency of vitamin D.

Structural Kidney Disease

Either inherited or the result of a functional disease that has not been treated, such as urinary reflux or sepsis-induced kidney injury, usually necessitating dialysis or transplant.

Wilms Tumor

Also called nephroblastoma, a cancerous tumor originating in the cells of the kidney.