Genetic, Genomic & Metabolic Treatment Programs

The Division of Genetics, Genomics and Metabolism has developed specialized programs to treat certain conditions in the most comprehensive way possible. Browse our list of programs to learn more about the expert-led initiatives that can help treat your child.

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Cancer Predisposition Program

Lurie Children’s Cancer Predisposition Program provides comprehensive genetic counseling and testing services to pediatric oncology patients and families at risk of hereditary cancer syndromes.

Connective Tissue Disorders Program

Lurie Children’s Connective Tissue Disorder Program provides comprehensive care and genetic counseling to more than 200 patients with disorders of the connective tissue, such as Marfan syndrome.

Genetic Counselors & Genetic Counseling

Lurie Children's Genetic Counselors help families with genetic conditions by providing education, support, and advocacy.

Leukodystrophy Care Program

Lurie Children's Leukodystrophy Care Program is a multidisciplinary program providing the best possible comprehensive care to patients with leukodystrophies and their families at every stage of their disease.

Mucopolysaccharidoses & Mucolipidoses Treatment Program​

Lurie Children's Mucopolysaccharidoses and Mucolipidoses Treatment Program provides comprehensive care and assists patients and families in the management of these complex conditions.

Neurofibromatosis Program

Lurie Children's Neurofibromatosis Program brings together a team of ophthalmologists, orthopaedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and oncologists, seeing more than 300 patients with neurofibromatosis a year.

RASopathy Program

RASopathies impact numerous body systems, including the cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems. The RASopathy Program team at Lurie Children’s helps children and families coordinate appointments with different specialists, both within and outside of Lurie Children’s.

Thyroid Program

Lurie Children’s Pediatric Thyroid Program provides care and treatment for babies through young adults with thyroid problems and diseases. Learn more.

Williams Syndrome Program

Williams syndrome is a genetic condition that is caused by a missing segment of genetic material (DNA) in one of our chromosomes. Our genes are made of DNA, which is packaged into the chromosomes. Each gene has instructions for making a specific product our body needs to grow and function. Missing DNA is called a deletion. When some of the...