Bottle Feeding Study

Healthy infants from 1 to 5 months old needed for bottle feeding study

This study is recruiting. Infants must be bottle fed or bottle and breast fed. To participate, caregivers must send us a feeding survey and home video of their infant bottle feeding. For more study information, please contact us at email and subject line listed below. 

Study time: 30 minutes

Subject: Infant
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Study Details

Study Name: A population based study of the prevalence of dysphagia in infancy.

We wish to look at the swallowing pattern of healthy infants in the general population. In addition, if colic is present, we wish to learn more about the relationship to feeding. Information will be obtained from the completion of the survey and submission of a video of infant bottle feeding.

This study is Lurie Children's IRB 2022-5140 *A population based study of the prevalence of dysphagia in infancy.* Principal Investigator Mark Fishbein, MD. The content of this page has been approved by the Lurie Children's IRB.