INSPIRE Diabetes Study

Lurie Children's wants to understand what people with diabetes and their loved ones want and hope for in an automated insulin delivery system. We also want to hear what you might find annoying or burdensome in such a system. The best way to understand your thoughts and perspectives is to talk with you and your loved ones - your parent, your spouse, or your significant other.

Lurie Children's created the Insulin Delivery Systems: Perceptions, Ideas, Reflections and Expectations (INSPIRE) study team because we want to hear from both people who use insulin pumps and/or continuous glucose monitors (CGM) and people who do not use these technologies. Everyone's thoughts and ideas are important.

Who Qualifies?

The INSPIRE study team wants to better understand what people with diabetes and their loved ones think about new technology called automated insulin delivery systems. Anyone with type 1 diabetes that is 8 years of age or older, and their loved one (parent, partner or spouse) is invited to share their ideas with us.

What Will I Be Doing??

If you choose to be in the study, you will participate in one focus group where we will ask participants to share their thoughts about the benefits and burdens of automated insulin delivery systems.

  • The group session will take about two hours of your time    
  • Focus groups will be organized by the person with diabetes' age. Individuals who have diabetes will participate in one group, while their loved ones will participate in another nearby room.    
  • Healthy snacks are provided

The study will pay for parking or for your public transportation.

In addition, every family will receive a $50 Target gift card for participating.

Schedule Your Meeting Times

We have focus group meeting times available in the morning, afternoons, evenings and weekend. The focus groups will be held at Lurie Children's.

Focus groups will be meeting starting in September and will run through December 2015. Call or e-mail today to learn more or get involved.

Join Us Today

Share your thoughts about automated insulin delivery. Too many times technology is designed without listening to the people who will be using it. Your feedback, comments and ideas will be shared directly with those who are developing this new technology. Don't miss an opportunity to INSPIRE those developing the systems you may choose to use one day.

What is an Automated Insulin Delivery System?

Some call it an artificial pancreas (AP) and some call it a closed loop system. The system includes a pump to deliver insulin and a continuous glucose monitor. The pump and monitor communicate with each other to control and individual's blood sugars.

Why Get Involved?

Clinical trials of automated insulin delivery systems are taking place around the world. Many show a medical benefit for using these devices. However, we know very little about the impact of these devices on everyday life.

This is an opportunity to:

  • Share your ideas, perceptions and expectations of automated insulin delivery sytems. Have these thoughts shared directly with those developing the system.    
  • Interact with others with diabetes or living with someone who does.    
  • Earn $50 for your family's participation.

Join the Study

Contact the INSPIRE study team at Lurie Children's to learn more. E-mail us at or call us at 312.227.0330.

Sponsored by the Helmsley Charitable Trust.

This study is Lurie Children's IRB #2015-453, Psychosocial Aspects of Artificial Pancreas Research