Endocrinology Programs

View a list of multidisciplinary programs offered through the Division of Endocrinology. 

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Bone Health Program

Lurie Children’s Bone Health Program treats children and adolescents for a wide range of bone disorders including genetic and metabolic conditions. Learn more.

Diabetes Program

By offering medical consultation, diagnosis, education, advice, guidelines and support, our diabetes program helps children with diabetes lead successful lives.

Fertility & Hormone Preservation & Restoration Program

Lurie Children’s fertility program is the only one of its kind for pediatric patients in the state of Illinois, offering solutions to both male and female cancer survivors with fertility issues.

Gender & Sex Development Program

Lurie Children's specialists provide compassion and gender identity support development for children from newborns to adolescents.

Gender Development Program

Lurie Children’s outpatient services are ready to support the physical, mental and social health of youth as they progress through gender identity.

Head & Neck Surgery Program

The Lurie Children’s Head & Neck Surgery Program is a national leader in the treatment of children with congenital and acquired lesions of the head, neck, and face.

Klinefelter Syndrome Program

The Klinefelter Syndrome Program (also referred to as 47,XXY) offers interdisciplinary care spanning from prenatal consultation to young adulthood. Learn more.

PCOS Clinic

Our Multidisciplinary PCOS Program is the only multidisciplinary clinic in Chicago dedicated to teens & young adults. Learn how our specialists can help.

Sex Development Program

Lurie Children’s unites pediatric urologists, endocrinologists, surgeons, ethicists and child psychologists experienced in differences in sexual development.

Thyroid Program

Lurie Children’s Pediatric Thyroid Program provides care and treatment for babies through young adults with thyroid problems and diseases. Learn more.

Turner Syndrome Program

Our Turner syndrome specialists provide comprehensive care to pediatric patients instead of addressing each symptom or issue separately. Learn more.