Injury Prevention and Research Center

Injuries are the leading cause of death and subsequent disability and a major cause of emergency department visits for children ages 1-19 years. In most cases, these injuries are preventable.

Lurie Children's is committed to addressing both intentional and unintentional. Injury prevention was listed as Community Health Priority on the hospital’s 2019 Community Health Needs Assessment. The goal of the Injury Prevention & Research Center (IPRC) is to address the leading causes of injury to Illinois children through behavioral risk reduction and the promotion of safe physical and social environments. The IPRC is aligned with the priority areas of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Center’s for Injury Prevention and Control which include tracking, preventing and responding to Adverse Childhood Experiences, suicide, opioid overdose, motor vehicle injury, traumatic brain and home and recreational injuries.

We believe children should be safe and strong. The IPRC strives to reduce preventable injuries in several ways including:

  • Fostering protective environments
  • Enhancing knowledge and skills
  • Increasing awareness
  • Improving public policies

The IPRC fosters collaboration between multiple programs and departments within the hospital. Following a public health model that describes the injury problem, identifies causes and locations of injury, and develops and tests interventions, the IPRC contributes to best practice and research methods to reduce childhood injury.

Our Team

Injury Prevention and Research Center collaborators include the following departments and programs:


Karen Sheehan, MD, MPH
Medical Director, Injury Prevention & Research Center

Amy L. Hill, MS
Executive Director, Injury Prevention & Research Center