BioBank Study

Principal Investigator: Erin Paquette, MD

The Lurie Children’s PICU BioBank is a storage system for leftover body fluids or tissue samples that can be used for research. This research helps scientists learn new information about medical problems. When your child has blood drawn or other samples taken as part of their medical care, there is often leftover material. This material may contain cells, proteins and genetic material (DNA).

Normally, after your child's tests are done, extra material is thrown away. At Lurie Children’s, we can store this extra material in a BioBank. Researchers can then use samples from the BioBank for research to try to improve healthcare for children. Any researchers who want to use the BioBank must be approved by a group managing the BioBank. This group includes parents and scientists, along with other individuals. The group will ensure that the goals and process of the research are appropriate.

You can return to this site at any time to see what studies are using samples from the BioBank.

Current Biobank Research

Lurie Children’s investigators may apply to use PICU Biobank specimens to answer their scientific questions. These investigators do not receive personal information about PICU Biobank participants, such as their names or phone numbers.

Study Title: Examining Blood Ferritin Levels in Critically Ill Children
Investigator: Bria Coates, MD

Ferritin plays a vital role in iron oxidation, which facilitates iron uptake and prevents the formation of toxic free radicals. Given the pro-inflammatory disease states in critically ill pediatric patients, we hypothesize that serum ferritin levels will be elevated in these patients. Using blood samples from patients enrolled in the PICU Biobank, we will compare Ferritin levels of children admitted to the PICU by their admitting diagnosis (infection, inflammation, cancer and trauma). We will compare these levels to inflammatory markers such as white blood cell (WBC) count. 

Study Title: Biomarkers of Respiratory Dysfunction in Critically Ill Children
Investigator: Jeremy Herrmann, MD

Using blood samples from patients enrolled in the PICU Biobank, we are analyzing biomarkers of inflammation and vascular injury to explore their relationship with respiratory failure in critically ill children. By looking at these markers at different time points early during a PICU admission, we hope to be able to identify patients who are at high risk of prolonged and complicated respiratory failure during their time in the PICU.

Privacy Measures

If you or your child decide at any point that you no longer want to participate in the BioBank, the Biobank managers can remove your child’s sample. To have a sample removed, contact the BioBank managers in writing at

Due to the large number of samples, the BioBank managers are not able to contact every child when he/she turns 18 to ask for permission to continue using his/her sample. 

Contact Us

You can reach us at any point at if you have any questions or concerns. Inquiries will receive a response within 24 hours Monday-Friday. 

For urgent/emergent concerns, please contact the managers of the PICU Biobank directly, by phone at 312.227.4800 or by e-mail: 

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