Concussions in Youth Sports

It’s important for parents and coaches of kids in all sports to be well prepared to recognize symptoms and manage concussions. While there’s risk associated with playing almost any sport, the data shows us that a few sports in particular have higher rates of concussions than others.



Given these startling numbers, our doctors have worked with our government leaders to enact legislation to help prevent concussions and get the proper resources to kids in recovery. In 2011, it became state law for all school boards in the state to work with the Illinois High School Association (IHSA) to develop clear guidelines to educate coaches, student athletes and their parents about the dangers and treatment of concussions and head injuries. In 2015, we worked closely with state senators to pass the Youth Concussion Safety Act. All Illinois schools now must establish “return to sports” and “return to learn” protocols for students with concussions. Students who have suffered concussions will now receive comprehensive support from their school to address both their physical and cognitive needs while their brains are recovering.

To help schools establish and implement the required “return to learn” protocols, we developed a free online training module called Return to Learn geared toward school administrators and teachers. This 30-minute presentation provides age-specific academic accommodations that can be helpful during recovery from a concussion and tips for how to implement them.

Learn more about concussions and how you can keep your young athletes safe in the infographic below.

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