Concussion Resources

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has numerous educational resources for athletes, parents, coaches and teachers as part of their Heads Up program , including an interactive website and app for coaches and parents to learn more about concussion and brain injury.

The following information is reviewed on the website.

  • Brain injury basics
  • Minimizing brain injury risks 
  • Finding a proper helmet
  • Informational materials (videos, external links and downloadable PDFs) 
  • Clinician training for coaching staff

It is an excellent resource for the family that wishes to learn more on keeping their child healthy and safe.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has also released policy statements about the effects of concussions on learning and adolescents. Select a statement below to learn more.

Return to Learn: A Guide for School Professionals

Because concussions can affect a child or teen’s ability to participate in school activities, many students benefit from academic accommodations at school. Lurie Children's Return to Learn module is a free online training unit that provides guidance for teachers, school nurses, counselors and administrators on how to integrate children and teens back into school following concussion. Access our free Return to Learn training module.