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Amplified Podcast

Amplified: Presented by Lurie Children's is a mini-series about growing up with hearing loss. Katie Radasevich already demonstrated a speech and language delay when she was identified with a significant hearing loss at age two. Listen to Katie and her family share the journey from pre-diagnosis to Katie's current incredible accomplishments through anecdotes, tears and laughter - very loud laughter. This is a great resource for families who have a child with hearing loss, or anyone who enjoys uplifting human interest stories. Transcripts for each episode can also be found below. 

Episode Descriptions: 

  • Episode 1: Meet Katie Radasevich and her parents as they discuss her hearing loss diagnosis on its 30-year anniversary. 
  • Episode 2: Katie and her parent navigate the school system. 
  • Episode 3: Katie and her family reflect on how her hearing loss intertwines with her identity. 
  • Episode 4: Katie shares about life as a young adult with hearing loss, reflects on harder time and reveals her current career. 
  • Episode 5: Meet Chris, Katie’s husband, as they discuss marriage and parenthood with hearing loss.