Amplified Podcast

Amplified: Presented by Lurie Children's is a mini-series about growing up with hearing loss. This is a great resource for families who have a child with hearing loss, or anyone who enjoys uplifting human interest stories. 

Season 1

Katie Radasevich already demonstrated a speech and language delay when she was identified with a significant hearing loss at age two. Listen to Katie and her family share the journey from pre-diagnosis to Katie's current incredible accomplishments through anecdotes, tears and laughter - very loud laughter. 

Episode Descriptions

  • Episode 1: Meet Katie Radasevich and her parents as they discuss her hearing loss diagnosis on its 30-year anniversary. 
  • Episode 2: Katie and her parent navigate the school system. 
  • Episode 3: Katie and her family reflect on how her hearing loss intertwines with her identity. 
  • Episode 4: Katie shares about life as a young adult with hearing loss, reflects on harder time and reveals her current career. 
  • Episode 5: Meet Chris, Katie’s husband, as they discuss marriage and parenthood with hearing loss. 

Season 2

Dr. Katie Colella returns, now joined by Dr. Katie Farnsworth from Season 1, to co-host Season 2 of Amplified: Presented by Lurie Children’s. Laugh and cry as they unpack the story of Maria Perez, and her sons, Eduardo and Esteban Venalonzo, both diagnosed with significant hearing loss at a young age and the family’s subsequent journey with cochlear implants.

Episode Descriptions

  • Episode 1: Maria share her struggles with accepting Eduardo’s diagnosis and his journey to his first cochlear implant. Guest Dr. Beth Tournis discusses her career as a pediatric cochlear implant audiologist.
  • Episode 2: Esteban is born. Maria begins the cochlear implant evaluation again, but it goes differently than expected. Guest Dr. Nancy Young discusses how she became a pediatric otolaryngologist who specializes in cochlear implants and her impressive career as a pioneer for pediatric cochlear implantation.
  • Episode 3: Maria shares her experience raising kids with multiple communication modalities and her own language journey. Guest Tatum Frtiz, aural rehabilitation therapist, discusses the benefits of therapy and how the field has evolved regarding culturally and linguistically diverse patients.
  • Episode 4: Maria discusses advocating for her boys in the educational system, including through the Covid-19 pandemic. Esteban gets on the mic to share about life as a teenager with hearing loss.
  • Episode 5: Eduardo chats about college life and his journey with identity. American Sign Language (ASL) interpreter Marijo Fiacchino, interprets for Eduardo and offers her perspective on being a professional ASL interpreter.

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