Asthma Clinical Research Studies

Lurie Children’s Division of Allergy and Immunology is at the cutting edge of asthma clinical research. We offer our patients with asthma the newest treatments as well as opportunities to be part of studies in hopes to discover more treatments and a cure. 

We are currently recruiting patients in numerous asthma studies. Learn more about our current trials:

Childhood Asthma in Urban Settings (CAUSE)

Lurie Children’s is part of a nationwide consortium funded by the NIH / NIAID called CAUSE (Childhood asthma in Urban settings) which includes 7 other sites in cities across the US (Boston, DC, Cincinnati, NYC, Colorado, and Chicago). The purpose of this consortium is to extend on 30 years of studies by the NIAID and inner city asthma investigators to decrease asthma effects in urban children who represent a disproportionate number of cases, and have worse disease. The consortium also seeks to understand the mechanisms by which asthma has worse control in urban children and to develop new strategies to combat asthma in these children. Click here for the full study information or call 312.227.6451

Current studies included under CAUSE:

  1. PANDA
    The first of these studies is called PANDA (Prevention of Asthma Exacerbation using Dupilumab in Urban children and Adolescents). Dupilumab, an antibody based medicine which blocks an arm of the allergic response, is already approved for children 6 years up to 17 years of age. However, the studies which evaluated response did not adequately represent urban children who may have numerous factors leading to asthma exacerbations. This study will do 2 things 1.) determine if the drug is effective un urban children with moderate to severe asthma and 2.) determine the ways in which the drug acts to improve asthma control, leading to new opportunities to try to target these specific mechanisms.

    Click here for the full study information or call 312.227.6451
    Click here for the Spanish version
  1. SIRA
    As part of this consortium, Lurie Children's is spearheading a precision medicine study looking at ways in which we can prevent viral illnesses from progressing to asthma like inflammation in the airways and prevent wheezing, using an inexpensive, and safe nutritional supplement.

    Click here for the full study information or call 312.227.5391

Precision interventions for severe asthma (PRECISE)

This is a study funded by the NIH / NHLBI which looks to determine the effectiveness of a number of interventions in severe asthma by tailoring treatment choice to an individual’s likelihood of response, improve understanding of how to identify which medications work for which groups of individuals with asthma, and choose the next intervention for each participant. In this way, we look to determine effectiveness of multiple new treatments in severe asthma and try to find out which people  are most likely to respond to a particular treatment. The PRECISE study is no longer recruiting patients. 

Click here for the full study information or call 312.227.5391


Preventing Asthma in High Risk Kids (PARK)

This study is trying to determine if giving a medicine called omalizumab to high risk children will decrease their chance of getting asthma or decrease the severity of their asthma. The PARK study is no longer recruiting patients. 

Click here for the full study information or call 312.227.6474

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